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Tampa Bay Roofing Developments As Mentioned by Augusto Roofing, Inc.

After running an A rated (BBB West Florida) roofing business for the last 12 years, and being in the roofing business for the last 23 years, We have seen trends come and go in the roofing business. Reinforced deck attachment ( Strengthening the nailing of the roof deck veneer, i. E. Plywood or dimensional wood by adding together more nails, and top quality nails) are trends that have longevity and are here to stay, and is a reliable approach we harness to cutback homeowner's insurance spending's. Using a secondary water barrier, also known as a peel and stick underlayment is another approach. This roof product replaces felt, also know as "tar paper". The "self sealing" peel and stick water barrier product is thicker than normal felt or tar paper and is a superior product. By applying it to the roof deck it has a double benefit. #1: All the contents and the deck of the roof are protected in the case of a shingle blow off. Number two: Nearly all all insurance Known as "Wind Mitigation". Another way of increasing the mitigation tool is by adding together roof to wall truss connectors and increasing the strength of the actual roof structure. Making for the prevailing approaches in reducing your insurance premiums. Strengthened lifetime warranties by the two prevailing shingle manufacturers to all their laminated (dimensional) shingles. The 50 year shingles have a 130 mph guarantee, although in the laboratory, they have tested at 150 mph and the 30 year shingles have a 110 mph guarantee. Ownens Corning and GAF authorized us to extend these warranties. Extended and enhanced warranties are available through our Ownes Corning and GAF programs due to our companionship being in their Preferred Contractor Program. By being able to extend these both shingle and flat roofing products with such good warrantees we are proud to extend their products. Manufacturer’s installation instructions are supremely important when installing the different products and must be followed implicitly in order to take advantage of the warranties extended. We continue to partner with these companies to stay up-to-date on any changes in products or application approaches to give our customers the best roof possible.

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